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About Us


Based in New York City, Banoja started up as a jewelry, accessories and decorations online store in 2015.

Modern and Classic Come Together

Banoja was founded with the principle of providing our customers with outstanding pieces of jewelry, accessories, decorations, bags, hats, and scarfs, some of which are one-of-a-kind, designed and crafted just for the most discerning of buyers. 

If you are looking for impressive quality and rare items, you'll find that at Banoja.

Consider Our Variety

Some of the key components of Banoja's collections are cloisonné / vitreous enamel items. Cloisonné / vitreous enamel is a type of ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects. In this process, porcelain, a type of glass product, is used to create beautiful jewelry pieces. Done by skilled artisans, this process allows the user to create smooth, durable vitreous coatings on a variety of surfaces such as glass, metal or in some cases ceramics. The investment of time and skill into these pieces yields an amazing look.

In addition to cloisonné and vitreous enamel, buyers will also find a wide selection of fine gemstones, black jet (gagate), gold, silver, felt, sackcloth, aida cloth, wood and natural soft leather.

Adding these materials into your collection gives you the edge you are looking for.

Why Not Explore Banoja A Little Closer?

As a company committed to providing exceptional service and the finest quality of jewelry, accessories, and decorations, Banoja is a one of a kind destination. Our handcrafted goods and handmade gifts bring a smile to anyone's face.

Take a moment to explore our color rich collections!

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