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What Is Sackcloth and What Products Are Made from It

What Is Sackcloth and What Products Are Made from It

Sackcloth has an exotic appeal. It has been used for centuries and because of its durability, the cloth is used to make many different kinds of products ranging from clothing to backpacks and even coasters. The versatility of the material allows for the designer to add vibrant colors and patterns that capture the eye. Today, sackcloth is becoming a popular alternative to man made materials and for good reason. Read on to learn what sackcloth is, what it is made from, and the products that adorn its name.

What is Sackcloth?

Sackcloth is a rough, woven fabric. Typically, it is created from flax or hemp, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to material mass-produced in a factory somewhere. When you think about the amount of pollution plaguing cities around the world, buying or making items from sackcloth makes sense.

History of Sackcloth

In the ancient past, sackcloth was typically made from goat's hair. However, the term could also be used to refer to an article of clothing made from sackcloth, such as a loincloth, which the Israelites wore during periods of mourning.

Why Purchase Items Made from Sackcloth

Sackcloth is a sustainable way to make everyday clothing, accessories and other items that you need. If you're a practicing vegan or simply want to avoid leather products, then sackcloth is a wonderful alternative. Furthermore, cultivating flax and/or hemp plants for sackcloth products actually helps the environment. For starters, these plants are good for the soil and can be rotated back and forth. What's even better about growing these plants is that they are resistant to pests. That means there is no need for harmful pesticides that pollute our communities and our planet.

Items made from Sackcloth

Hats: Due to the strength of sackcloth, this is a perfect material for which to fashion hats. A colorful cross-stitch design adds dimension to hats made from this material for a flattering look.

Bags and Pouches: Sackcloth as a material for bags and pouches for both adults and children is a welcoming alternative to man made materials or animal products. Colorful, durable and long-lasting, beautiful sackcloth bags make a perfect gift for all occasions.

Wallets: A sackcloth wallet is a must to accompany a bag or pouch. Cross stitch patterns along the exterior give these wallets unique designs.

Backpacks: A sackcloth backpack will last a long time, no matter if you use it to cart your books back and forth to class or to travel the world.

Placemats: Get your dinner guests chatting when you tell them your placemats and coasters are made from sackcloth. Chances are they have heard of this material but aren't quite sure what it is. Well, it's a good thing you read this article because now you know everything you need to know about sackcloth.

When you purchase items made from sackcloth, you are not only doing your part to promote a sustainable alternative to man-made products, but you're getting a high-quality product that will last for a very long time.

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