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Helpful Tips for Purchasing Handmade Jewelry

Helpful Tips for Purchasing Handmade Jewelry

Are you ready to protest against the monotony of mass produced accessories? If so, purchasing handmade jewelry is going to be right up your alley. This jewelry, unique and well-made, brings attention to your outfit and helps to illustrate your personal style. However, this is still a ‘buyer beware’ market; after all, not all handmade jewelry is created equally. The main issue with handmade jewelry is the materials that are used to create the pieces being sold. If you want to find the high-quality options that are also offered at affordable prices, use the tips found here.

Consider the wire

Chances are, you have experienced that disheartening moment when a great looking piece of jewelry breaks, leaving you scrambling on your hands and needs for the beads that have scattered to the four corners of the room. This scenario, while unfortunate, is also completely avoidable if you had checked to see the type of string or wire used for the piece. A good bead string is 49 beading wire, due to its exceptional strength and durability.

Carefully select stretch jewelry

While stretch jewelry is quite easy to wear, fun to give away, and makes a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe, the problem is that it can easily snap or become loose if the string is not good quality or too thin. When looking for stretch jewelry options, try to find pieces that use nothing less than 1.0 mm cord. This has a strong, long-life, making it the ideal option for any stretch jewelry you may be considering.

The jump ring

While you may not have ever heard of the jump ring, there is a good chance that there are a few in your existing jewelry collection. This small metal piece is the actual circle that the clasp connects to on a bracelet or necklace. If it becomes too stretched, it will fall out. The bad news is, on quite a bit of inexpensive jewelry the jump ring is the first piece to break.

Quality of other materials

Regardless of if beads, stones or some other type of material is being used for the jewelry, it is essential to consider if they are low or high caliber. There are a number of inexpensive beads that are created with an outer coating that wears away quickly, which can cause it to chip away and fade. There are also beads and other jewelry options that have a water soluble coating, which means if it is raining, the piece will be ruined. If the store or individual you are purchasing from does not clearly outline what type of bead or stone they are using, be sure to ask to ensure it is high enough quality and will not become easily damaged.

Taking the time to carefully consider the jewelry that is being purchased will help anyone find the best handmade jewelry for their needs. Consider the materials and talk with the designer if these details are not clear. When you take the time to find a quality piece of jewelry, it will offer durability and a long life-span to ensure you can enjoy this fun style accessory day after day.

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  • Banoja Team
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  • Nicole

    I disagree slightly with your statements about jump rings. It’s actually a good thing that these are a failure point because they cost virtually nothing to fix or replace. It’s better that a piece of jewelry breaks at a jump ring because most of the time you won’t be losing any beads (assuming the artisan crafted your jewelry with thought and foresight). Also god forbid you need a piece of jewelry to break because you’re caught in something and it’s choking you. As a safety measure a jump ring is a good thing.

    Also you didn’t mention anything about soldered jump rings, or split rings, which some people consider to be ‘better’ than just a regular jump ring. In either case, I’d argue that a quality jewelry maker wouldn’t be using weak/cheap jump rings in the first place. Good post otherwise

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