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Handmade vs. Mass Produced: The Ultimate Product Battle

Handmade vs. Mass Produced: The Ultimate Product Battle

When a birthday, anniversary or holiday rolls around, you likely begin thinking about what you can purchase for your friends and loved ones. In many cases, this automatically means you travel to the nearest big box store to purchase an in-the-box item. Those who have a bit of a bigger budget may even choose a specialty store, where mass-produced, specialty items can be purchased.

Did you know there is another, perhaps better, option for your gift giving needs?

Purchasing handmade products offers a number of benefits and quite a bit of appeal. The top reasons that more and more people are choosing this type of gift, over the mass produced, can be found here.

Handmade items are unique

Most people don’t want the same thing that everyone else has. The same scarf, pen, mug or piece of décor that millions of other people have around the world, is simply not appealing. When you purchase handmade, it means you are getting something completely unique. While there may be more of the same type of product, it will never be exactly the same. Why? Because someone is doing just as the name implies – making them by hand.

Style and personality

When you decide to purchase a handmade item, you will be getting something that has real personality. Life is all about expressing yourself and this means you need to ensure the things you use, wear and buy have as much personality as you. Purchasing a mass-produced item from the same big-box store everyone else shops at does not have any type of unique personality.

Higher quality materials

When you purchase something that is handmade, you are likely getting a much higher quality product than what is available in the typical retail store. This is because the person who is making the item takes pride in every step of the process and ensures it meets high standards. While items that are mass produced may be less expensive, they will likely have to be replaced much sooner, as well.

Support independent vendors

Buying a handmade item, from a real person means that you are helping to support their business. Much of today’s retail world is large, no-name, faceless box stores that do nothing for the local community and that are just looking to make another dollar. Handmade items provide you with the ability to purchase a product that is superior, while supporting an entrepreneur and making it possible for them to continue making their items for other people.

There’s no question about how it’s made

Unfortunately, a number of the products on retail shelves are made in third world countries by children in sweat shops. When you purchase a handmade product, you can likely have a conversation with the person making the item – something that is not possible when dealing with a traditional retail store.

So, are you in the market for a gift, or even something new for yourself? You would likely be surprised about all the amazing and beautiful items that are handmade today by local artisans. Take some time to browse the selections and chances are you will find more than a few things that you would love for yourself, or a loved one. Keep in mind all the benefits listed here, as well, which are all good reasons to choose handmade over mass-produced any day. Regardless of the occasion, the handmade products that are available today beat out mass-produced items – no questions asked!

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