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What Is Sackcloth and What Products Are Made from It

Sackcloth has an exotic appeal. It has been used for centuries and because of its durability, the cloth is used to make many different kinds of products ranging from clothing to backpacks and even coasters. The versatility of the material allows for the designer to add vibrant colors and patterns that capture the eye. Today, sackcloth is becoming a popular alternative to man made materials and for good reason. Read on to learn what sackcloth is, what it is made from, and the products that adorn its name.

What is Sackcloth?

Sackcloth is a rough, woven fabric. Typically, it is created from flax or hemp, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to material mass-produced in a factory somewhere. When you think about the amount of pollution plaguing cities around the world, buying or making items from sackcloth makes sense.

History of Sackcloth

In the ancient past, sackcloth was typically made from goat’s hair. However, the term could also be used to refer to an article of clothing made from sackcloth, such as a loincloth, which the Israelites wore during periods of mourning.

Why Purchase Items Made from Sackcloth

Sackcloth is a sustainable way to make everyday clothing, accessories and other items that you need. If you’re a practicing vegan or simply want to avoid leather products, then sackcloth is a wonderful alternative. Furthermore, cultivating flax and/or hemp plants for sackcloth products actually helps the environment. For starters, these plants are good for the soil and can be rotated back and forth. What’s even better about growing these plants is that they are resistant to pests. That means there is no need for harmful pesticides that pollute our communities and our planet.

Items made from Sackcloth

Hats: Due to the strength of sackcloth, this is a perfect material for which to fashion hats. A colorful cross-stitch design adds dimension to hats made from this material for a flattering look.

Bags and Pouches: Sackcloth as a material for bags and pouches for both adults and children is a welcoming alternative to man made materials or animal products. Colorful, durable and long-lasting, beautiful sackcloth bags make a perfect gift for all occasions.

Wallets: A sackcloth wallet is a must to accompany a bag or pouch. Cross stitch patterns along the exterior give these wallets unique designs.

Backpacks: A sackcloth backpack will last a long time, no matter if you use it to cart your books back and forth to class or to travel the world.

Placemats: Get your dinner guests chatting when you tell them your placemats and coasters are made from sackcloth. Chances are they have heard of this material but aren’t quite sure what it is. Well, it’s a good thing you read this article because now you know everything you need to know about sackcloth.

When you purchase items made from sackcloth, you are not only doing your part to promote a sustainable alternative to man-made products, but you’re getting a high-quality product that will last for a very long time.

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Handmade vs. Mass Produced: The Ultimate Product Battle

When a birthday, anniversary or holiday rolls around, you likely begin thinking about what you can purchase for your friends and loved ones. In many cases, this automatically means you travel to the nearest big box store to purchase an in-the-box item. Those who have a bit of a bigger budget may even choose a specialty store, where mass-produced, specialty items can be purchased.

Did you know there is another, perhaps better, option for your gift giving needs?

Purchasing handmade products offers a number of benefits and quite a bit of appeal. The top reasons that more and more people are choosing this type of gift, over the mass produced, can be found here.

Handmade items are unique

Most people don’t want the same thing that everyone else has. The same scarf, pen, mug or piece of décor that millions of other people have around the world, is simply not appealing. When you purchase handmade, it means you are getting something completely unique. While there may be more of the same type of product, it will never be exactly the same. Why? Because someone is doing just as the name implies – making them by hand.

Style and personality

When you decide to purchase a handmade item, you will be getting something that has real personality. Life is all about expressing yourself and this means you need to ensure the things you use, wear and buy have as much personality as you. Purchasing a mass-produced item from the same big-box store everyone else shops at does not have any type of unique personality.

Higher quality materials

When you purchase something that is handmade, you are likely getting a much higher quality product than what is available in the typical retail store. This is because the person who is making the item takes pride in every step of the process and ensures it meets high standards. While items that are mass produced may be less expensive, they will likely have to be replaced much sooner, as well.

Support independent vendors

Buying a handmade item, from a real person means that you are helping to support their business. Much of today’s retail world is large, no-name, faceless box stores that do nothing for the local community and that are just looking to make another dollar. Handmade items provide you with the ability to purchase a product that is superior, while supporting an entrepreneur and making it possible for them to continue making their items for other people.

There’s no question about how it’s made

Unfortunately, a number of the products on retail shelves are made in third world countries by children in sweat shops. When you purchase a handmade product, you can likely have a conversation with the person making the item – something that is not possible when dealing with a traditional retail store.

So, are you in the market for a gift, or even something new for yourself? You would likely be surprised about all the amazing and beautiful items that are handmade today by local artisans. Take some time to browse the selections and chances are you will find more than a few things that you would love for yourself, or a loved one. Keep in mind all the benefits listed here, as well, which are all good reasons to choose handmade over mass-produced any day. Regardless of the occasion, the handmade products that are available today beat out mass-produced items – no questions asked!

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Helpful Tips to Sell Your Handmade Items

If you make handmade items, you are likely proud of each piece produced. You understand that blood, sweat and tears this type of dedication to quality requires. However, not everyone will understand this. As a result, you may find that your handmade items are not selling as stellar as you would like.

While there is no question that marketing your handmade items can be quite difficult, it is not impossible. When you use the tips that are highlighted here, you will be able to effectively sell and market the items you have crafted by hand.

Create a website

By creating a dedicated website for your items, you will be able to display them easily and get them to your consumers. When you do this, you can help customers find you by word-of-mouth and organic searches. While you may have to use a “what you see is what you get” approach to the website, it is still beneficial to create one.

Be sure that you also include information about your actual store, as well as the products that you have in it. This will allow you to use keywords that people can search for, which will help you to be even more visible.

Utilize social media

After creating a website, you also need to ensure that your website has a social media presence. Using sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, Google MyBusiness and Facebook can all be beneficial in marketing the handmade items you create. You can make business-specific pages that will highlight the item that you offer. Be sure that you update the sites on a regular basis with pictures of your products and, if your marketing budget allows, you should also pay for ads that you can run on these sites. This will allow you to reach even more people who may be interested in the product that you have to offer.

Invest in advertising

Regardless of if you decide to advertise in the traditional way, with print media, or online, this is another way to help enhance your marketing efforts. Purchasing various ads that will run on search websites is another method you can use. This type of direct advertising should be targeted to the exact audience that you have determined will want what you have to offer. There are a number of marketing services that can help you with this if you feel a bit lost.

Create an online store

While having a website is a great way to start, creating an actual ecommerce store is even more beneficial. This is a place where customers can come to see and purchase the products that you have made. It will have a shopping cart feature and secure checkout option. This will make your products more accessible to a larger audience, which is ideal when it comes to highly specialized handmade items. The more people you are able to reach, the better chance you have of making a sale.

Take some time to use the tips here to help and grow your handmade item business. When it comes to marketing, it can be tricky; however, if you put some time and effort into it, you will discover that the fruits of your labor are well-worth it. Don’t settle for second best when it comes to your marketing efforts, putting some money into them will help to make them worthwhile.

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Helpful Tips for Purchasing Handmade Jewelry

Are you ready to protest against the monotony of mass produced accessories? If so, purchasing handmade jewelry is going to be right up your alley. This jewelry, unique and well-made, brings attention to your outfit and helps to illustrate your personal style. However, this is still a ‘buyer beware’ market; after all, not all handmade jewelry is created equally. The main issue with handmade jewelry is the materials that are used to create the pieces being sold. If you want to find the high-quality options that are also offered at affordable prices, use the tips found here.

Consider the wire

Chances are, you have experienced that disheartening moment when a great looking piece of jewelry breaks, leaving you scrambling on your hands and needs for the beads that have scattered to the four corners of the room. This scenario, while unfortunate, is also completely avoidable if you had checked to see the type of string or wire used for the piece. A good bead string is 49 beading wire, due to its exceptional strength and durability.

Carefully select stretch jewelry

While stretch jewelry is quite easy to wear, fun to give away, and makes a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe, the problem is that it can easily snap or become loose if the string is not good quality or too thin. When looking for stretch jewelry options, try to find pieces that use nothing less than 1.0 mm cord. This has a strong, long-life, making it the ideal option for any stretch jewelry you may be considering.

The jump ring

While you may not have ever heard of the jump ring, there is a good chance that there are a few in your existing jewelry collection. This small metal piece is the actual circle that the clasp connects to on a bracelet or necklace. If it becomes too stretched, it will fall out. The bad news is, on quite a bit of inexpensive jewelry the jump ring is the first piece to break.

Quality of other materials

Regardless of if beads, stones or some other type of material is being used for the jewelry, it is essential to consider if they are low or high caliber. There are a number of inexpensive beads that are created with an outer coating that wears away quickly, which can cause it to chip away and fade. There are also beads and other jewelry options that have a water soluble coating, which means if it is raining, the piece will be ruined. If the store or individual you are purchasing from does not clearly outline what type of bead or stone they are using, be sure to ask to ensure it is high enough quality and will not become easily damaged.

Taking the time to carefully consider the jewelry that is being purchased will help anyone find the best handmade jewelry for their needs. Consider the materials and talk with the designer if these details are not clear. When you take the time to find a quality piece of jewelry, it will offer durability and a long life-span to ensure you can enjoy this fun style accessory day after day.